Mock up your T-shirt designs and get creative

Mock up your T-shirt designs and get creative

T-shirt design brings out creativity and now this is highly popular.  Whether you are a graphic designer, an illustrator or typographer, the very thought of putting on t-shirts your designs is certainly appealing as you can also sell it online. However, the process may be daunting to consider t shirt printing companies, so consider these hints:


Explore the concept

Take time to explore the concept you wish to sketch as a design on your t-shirt, create variations and consider a brainstorming process. Consider it as clothing printing, sleep on the decision and next day do it all over again. In case it comes right at the first instance, great, else explore other creative options.


 Imagine the design

There is a huge difference about imagining the design and bring it as screen printed piece.  Print if necessary and first place on some tee actually, ensure you see it at actual size. Here, do not miss out on any detail as it is the king and ensure to keep things simple. Keep limited palettes of color and maintain strong concepts or if you want keep it in vibrant colors.  People appreciate when attention is given to each detail as the drawing ability becomes noticeable.  Of course, there are classic designs on t-shirt that are the simplest, but they pass on the message in the simplest form, thus it delivers the required and becomes a successful design.


Consider the market

Considering the market is more important. Designing for female or male, old or young, must be taken into consideration. Eventually, at the day end, bear in mind, you are designing a product that is to be worn by people.  Thus like a professional designer, note the exact group you wish to attract, who are they, what are they and the brands they would like.


Keep subtle humor

If your plan is to go for t-shirt design that is humorous, you must remember not to come with any low cost joke design on the t-shirt. Whatever is the success, remember to keep the designs featuring subtle humor. Humor that is correct receives due appreciation and makes many heads turn. This means there is a need for good balance.


Choose right colors

Choosing complementary colors on your t-shirt design helps.  Use t-shirt printing colors effectively. Turn to Global colors, if you are planning to sue Adobe illustrator. It saves a lot of time and is a real life saver. For a change also use halftones and make the best use of restricted colors that are permissible.


 Prepare artwork properly

Doing screen printing means it should be loved and give an outline that even your printer loves it. Give text as outline and expand the strokes. You can also take the help of available tutorials depending on that you are using, a Photoshop or an illustrator.


Good printer

T-shirt designs carries utmost importance and so ensure the design is properly art-worked to get a finish. Look for reputable Ottawa screen printing company and also take time to know the type of print you want it on the tee.


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