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Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.
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24/7 Lighting Applications 24/7 LED lighting applications include safety, security, scientific applications that reduce energy use in the process.

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Agreements / Deals for Lighting Retrofits and Light System Design Agreements and Deals for Lighting Retrofits and Light System Designs can save energy and maintenance costs for as many as ten years - negotiate for best practices!
Airfield LED Lights Airfield LED lights can reduce energy costs and provide high visibility lighting for increased air traffic safety.
Architectural LED Lighting Design Architectural LED lighting design offers energy efficiency points for LEED, flexible placement, low maintenance, and quality lighting for creative spaces.
ARRA Energy Efficiency Funding ARRA Stimulus funding supplies manufacturing and installation of lighting with incentives to improve energy efficiency, job training as well as manufacturing and green jobs.
Auto LED Light Bulbs Automotive LEDs are growing in applications from dashboards to overhead interior lighting to all the many exterior lights from headlights to tail lights.
Caltrans Lighting Standards California Transportation Dept. (Caltrans) supported the commercialization stage of LED lighting and continues to use LED lights for highway and street lighting to save energy and reduce maintenance costs.
CFL Pollution Plastic and chemical pollutants of lighting products contribute to manufacturing process pollutants of marine resources. By reducing quantity and types of plastics and materials, we can build a more sustainable manufacturing and community system.
Cheap LED Lights LED lights can be installed in many applications by do-it-yourself craftspeople, and lighting designers are learning new approaches to LED fixture design with DIY kits.
Clothing using LEDs LED safety clothing can LED technology to improve visibility in the dark, provide fun, entertainment or trendy fashion.
Commercial LED Lighting Commercial real estate LED applications include interior and exterior lighting in offices, emergency lights, parking lot and signage. These commercial lighting applications can save on maintenance costs as well as electrical utility costs.
Competition in LED Lighting Competition in LED lighting industries has become a global competitiveness issue as China enters the US market. Some US manufacturers are manufacturing US designed LED products internationally, and some governments are heavily subsidizing both purchases and manufacturing investments.
Compliance for Lighting Design Compliance for lighting design covers energy efficiency, such as building codes (CAL Title 24), green manufacturing, and market safety and security compliance regulations such as CE and RoHS.
Cost Comparisons of LED Lights What's the price a fresh air or stable weather? Cost comparisons of LED lights vs CFLs and other high efficiency lighting systems is a long term investment decision.
Cost Effectiveness of LEDs Cost Effectiveness of LEDs reduces energy costs, reduces peak loads on utilities, reduces contamination and volume for landfills, and reduces maintenance hours to replace lightbulbs.
CRA Electronics CRS is a LED contract manufacturer in aviation, architectural, retail and display signage, automotive, theatrical, home décor, underwater, portable lighting, emergency vehicular, law enforcement, fire fighting and navigation.
Cree Lighting Cree, Inc. is a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductors that enhance the value of LED solid-state lighting.
Decorative LED Lights Event LED lighting applications include indoor and outdoor event lighting for signs, pathways, stage lighting, mood lighting, and programmable light shows.
Dimmable LED Light Bulbs LED dimmers can use simple but efficient dimmer circuits for to reduce energy consumption by programming for reduced light levels during non-use or non-critical usage.
End of Life Solutions for LED Light Products End of life solutions for LED light products can significantly reduce replacement systems, reduce raw materials used, reduce waste, and use less toxic materials. Take back programs can also contribute to recycling materials for reduced use of virgin materials.
Energy Efficiency of LEDs Energy Efficiency of LED lights will address the high cost and waste of energy for lighting. Early savings can have a high ROI in 24/7 applications such as LED signs and street lighting.
Energy Star Rated LEDs Energy Star Rated LEDs meet standards for energy efficiency, light efficacy, environmental standards and lifetime metrics.
Energy Star Rebates - DOE and EPA Energy Star research, standards and outreach programs from the US EPA and DOE help research and support commercialization of LED lighting products and systems.
Environmental Impact of LED Lights LED Lights provide beneficial environmental impact with longer life, less material mass, less landfill waste, improved energy efficiency, and directional light to minimize light leakage.
EPD Certification EPAct Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction for Energy Efficiency
Exit Signs with LEDs Exit Signs with LEDs provide 24/7 security and safety features with minimal energy consumption. Exit signs are a high value LED application.
Exterior LED Lighting Area lighting with led lights provide lower maintenance costs with high quality light and can be attached to solar PV panels for off the grid energy solutions.
Gallium Lighting Gallium Lighting products are assembled in the USA and are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
General Electric LEDs General Electric LED & related products provide a mass market and major retail segment of the lighting transition from incandescent to LED lighting.
Government LED Light Applications Government LED light applications include street and paring lights, multifamily housing, senior housing, low income housing, emergency lighting and security lighting, as well as lower lighting maintenance in hard to reach places.
Green Job Training Catalog The Solutions For Green "Green Job Training Catalog" provides a variety of green career opportunities that include courses, certifications and links to a broad range of training and career services.
High Performance Light of LEDs High Performance Light of LEDs include brightness, long life, energy efficiency and maintenance and lifetime accounting advantages.
Indoor Residential Lighting Residential indoor lighting applications for LED fixtures and bulbs include task lighting, security lighting, holiday string lighting, as well as hard to reach lights such as in entryways and hallways.
Industrial LED Applications Industrial LED applications can save energy and maintenance costs in refrigeration units, off-grip applications, security and emergency signage, and in traditional applications such as equipment, sensors and controllers and programmable lighting situations.
Innovative Electronic Solutions for LEDs Innovative LED solutions include design, fabrication and manufacturing ... and marketing for commercialization.
ISO Certification of LED Lighting Products ISO certification of LED lighting products meet international standards for safety, environmental features and quality.
Landfill Reduction with LED Lighting Systems Landfill reduction with LED lighting systems improve waste management and landfill diversion by reducing the amount of waste through longer life and smaller product size and material mass.
Lanterns with LEDs Lanterns with LED bulbs provide long lasting, portable lighting with minimized battery drain for longer lasting lantern effectiveness.
LED & Lighting Incentives LED & lighting incentives go hand in hand with DOE and EPA goals to reduce energy consumption, reduce lighting impact on night skies, improve environmental impact of C&D waste, and improve workplace productivity.
LED Accent Lights Accent LED lights can be used in a wide variety of applications such as retail, entertainment spaces, safety and security, signage and architectural accents.
LED Backlighting LED backlighting is used for notebook computers and LCD monitors to save up to 40 percent less energy.
LED Best Buy Standards for LED Lighting Products & Best Practices are determined by compliance and industry organizations including the Department of Energy, the EPA, ASHRE and various lighting trade associations.
LED Chandelier Lights Chandelier LEDs are gaining visibility in high ceiling applications because they reduce maintenance, first, and reduce energy use, brilliance, and quality lighting.
LED Christmas Lights LED Christmas Lights are use not only for holiday lighting, but as year-round accent lighting, safety lighting, retail accents, and mood lighting.
LED Colors Color selection, creativity of LED light fixtures and lighting solutions
LED Companies LED Companies in the lighting supply chain include researchers, designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
LED Concepts | Light boxes, menu boards & illuminated LED displays LED Concepts provides high performance light boxes, menu boards, poster frames and custom LED illuminated displays in the industry.
LED controllers LED controllers improve lighting performance when designed with the latest generation of LED technology due to the rapid development of LED research and development progress.
LED Design Kit LED design kits make it easier to adapt light fixture and equipment design to high energy efficiency lighting solutions.
LED Down Lighting Downlights using LEDs provide cost effective lighting systems as well as reduced night sky light pollution in outdoor applications, and programmable light levels to optimize natural light balance in offices and for task lighting.
LED Emergency Lights Safety of LED Lights includes no mercury, long life and ruggedness to perform in demanding applications, wet weather and other 24/7 security applications.
LED Emitter LED emitters come in various configurations to assist with flexible LED lighting design.
LED Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is one of the major productivity features of LED lights, both for ambient lighting and specialized equipment functionality.
LED Energy Star Energy Star Rating of LED Lights provides research, standards and commercialization programs for energy related products such as LED lighting, CFL lighting and other high performance lighting products.
LED Energy Star Fixtures DOE and EPA Energy Star - LED lighting fixtures are tested for lumen standards, safety and energy efficiency by the US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.
LED Fabric for Clothing, Displays and Safety LED Fabric for Clothing, Displays and Safety applications can reinvent the meaning of safety, portability and "glow"!
LED Fabrication Process Manufacturers Design and fabrication of LED light products and systems includes solid state technology, lighting standards, as well as green manufacturing techniques to bring environmentally friendly products to the LED lighting market.
LED Flood Lights Flood Lights that use LED fixtures and bulbs save electricity as well as heat - which can be a benefit in many commercial applications in which HVAC costs are high.
LED Grow Lights LED grow lights can be programmed to provide proper lighting for greenhouse and indoor gardening of vegetables, greens and even aquaculture such as fish, shrimp and mollusks.
LED Home Lighting Room lighting with LEDs provides high brightness, programmable controls, low energy use and long lasting bulbs that reduce maintenance time.
LED Home Theater Lighting Home theater LED lighting provides ambient lighting that can be programmed for convenient use and provide architectural accents, convenience and energy efficiency.
LED Installation Installation of LED lights include fixture replacement, bulb replacement, and complete system retrofits or installation of lighting systems that tie into whole building controls.
LED Lamps Lamps with LEDs can provide smaller fixtures, higher energy efficiency, lower heat, and high quality light for task lighting at home or in the workplace.
LED Landscape Light LED lights in gardens and landscapes provide flexible solutions for pathways, security, architectural accents and safety for walking and transportation applications.
LED Light Bulbs & Fixtures LED Light Bulbs & Fixtures are the heart of LED lighting trends for jobs, business opportunities and transitioning to more energy efficient lighting supply chains.
LED Light Features LED light features include energy savings, high performance, long life, bright colors, flat sheets of architectural lighting, solar powered off-the-grid applications and more!
LED Light Panels LED Panels and Mirrors enable the creation of creative lighting for architectural, retail and decorative stage lighting applications.
LED Light Sources / Manufacturers LED sources include lighting retailers, wholesale distributors, LED manufacturers for custom solutions and a growing network of distribution in the LED supply chain.
LED Light Thermal Management Thermal management in refrigeration and specialized workplaces can benefit from LED lighting because of the reduced heat and energy use.
LED Light, Green & Solar Careers Green Careers provide technical and marketing opportunities in specialty careers such as LED lights, or in lighting design, sales and marketing, or installation. LEDs combined with solar energy is another hot field to consider.
LED Lighting Applications LED applications include indoor lighting, outdoor lights, equipment lights, lighting in rugged environments, refrigeration, street lighting and high maintenance applications.
LED Lighting Distributors Distribution of LEDs can be direct through manufacturer or designer Websites, through partner programs, through licensing with large retailers, or through traditional distribution and sales rep firms.
LED Lighting Manufacturers Manufacturing of LED products is both a US based electronics and lighting manufacturing sector and an outsourced production sector in China and other high production countries. Quality and warranties vary by manufacturing standards adopted in various regions.
LED Lighting Manufacturers LED companies and leading brands, including manufacturers, designers, distributors. Please submit suggestions.
LED Lighting Residential Residential real estate applications of LED lights include interior lights, security lights, sidewalk and pathway lighting, and solar LED lighting for non-grid lighting solutions.
LED Lighting Suppliers Industrial distributors make LED lighting products and parts are often specialized industrial marketplace sources, and LED lights are one small part of their inventory.
LED Lighting Systems LED Controllers can provide enhanced programmability for Flexible LED Strips, LED Rope Light, RGB Rope Light, RF Controllers, Aut and Marine applications.
LED Lighting Training and Education Training and education for LED applications is an opportunity for careers in facilities management, retail and design.
LED Luminaires LED Luminaires solve one of the top decision factors for light source selection - lifetime cost and performance.
LED Market Applications LED Market Applications are growing into every field that uses light -- equipment, vehicles, room lighting, signage, outdoor lighting, architectural accents, emergency and security lighting, traffic control... and more.
LED Market Forecast Market Forecasts for LED lighting grow as energy costs rise and environmental impact of massive lighting is calculated. Landfill pollutants, energy, climate change, night light pollution, security, and health and safety are all figured into market forecasts that point to growth for LED lighting.
LED Media Trade media for LED lighting represents manufacturing, distribution and retail market niches from around the globe.
LED Monitors Computer and monitor LED lights have become the standard in many niches of the electronics industry because of programability, small size and energy efficiency.
LED Outdoor & Grounds Applications Outdoor & grounds LED applications vary widely from signage to security and safety lighting applications.
LED Outdoor Lights Outdoor LED lighting provides low maintenance, high quality lighting for security, beauty and safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as well as architectural accents.
LED Panel Indicators LED Panel Indicators are standard for many electronic and electrical equipment applications to reduce energy use and provide small, convenient communication options.
LED Parking Garage Lighting LED lights for parking garages can provide low maintenance, high quality light, reduced energy costs, and safety for customers using the parking facility.
LED Parking Structure Lighting Parking structure lighting with LED lights can provide lower maintenance costs, better quality light for security and safety, and lower energy costs.
LED Pavers LED pavers work very well with brick and stone work to provide architectural accents, safety, and low light traffic management solutions.
LED Pool & Spa Lighting Pools and spas use high levels of electricity and lighting can reduce pol and spa operational costs at the same time they improve safety and property value.
LED Products A growing array of equipment and lighting devices use LEDs for indicators, as well as specialize lighting applications.
LED Products LED products include a wide range from tiny equipment indicator lights to large airfield landing light arrays ... and sizes and applications in-between.
LED Recessed Lighting Office LED lighting provides energy cost savings, lower maintenance, improved optimization of light levels, task lighting and reduced thermal load during hot weather.
LED Refrigerator Light Refrigration LED applications have extreme conditions of temperature that LEDs can handle, as well as thermal management that reduces overall energy use of the cooling equipment.
LED Research Research and Development (R&D Research) of LEDs stretches from basic research in university labs to commercialization research in government labs and corporations.
LED Reseller LED Sales Reps for Manufacturers
LED Sales Reps for Manufacturers
LED Signs Architectural signage with LEDs provides colorful, programmable, creative design possibilities that also save energy.
LED Street Lighting Street and tunnel LED lighting can provide lower maintenance along with low energy usage, quality light and smaller fixtures in difficult applications.
LED Street Lights Street Light LEDs improve light quality, save electricity and utility costs and save money by reducing maintenance costs with LEDs' long bulb life.
LED String Lights Decorative light strings are heavily used for holiday and retail visibility - and LED decorative light strings can save significantly on energy cost, as well as provide greater safety, less weight, longer life and reduced pollution impact.
LED Strip Lighting LED linear lights provide functional light for equipment and related applications.
LED Task Light Fixtures LED Task Lighting can improve productivity with quality light, programmable light levels, color choices, and lower energy use - all important ROI factors for business productivity.
LED Tradeshow Lighting Tradeshow LED Lighting can be used for design, safety, communication strategy and reduced heat and energy use in confined spaces.
LED Traffic Lights Traffic light LEDs can be programmed for traffic flow control, for direction, and provide new traffic management options as well as high quality visibility.
LED Trends Rapidly Improve Lumens, Color, Programmability and Cost LED trends are rapidly improving Lumens, Color, Programmability and Cost. Applications research is also improving ROI through best practices for reduced maintenance, waste management and energy efficiencies especially in harsh, high-heat or moist environments.
LED Vehicle Lights Vehicle LED lights reduce electrical load from interior lights, exterior lights, accent lighting, and even trunk lighting.
LEDtronics LED Lighting LEDtronics provides custom LED solutions based on their pioneering engineers in the solid-state lighting.
LEED Building Certfication LEED certification for buildings includes points for energy efficient and efficacy of lighting. LED lighting systems can reduce energy costs, can work with solar PV for outdoor lighting, and can provide architectural lighting with minimum energy use.
LEED Lighting Certification LEED green building standards include energy efficiency and lighting design -- and LED lights can support LEED rating points.
Life cycle assessment of LED savings Life cycle assessment of LED savings show significant savings in energy costs, maintenance costs, improved dependability in rugged conditions, and quality of light.
Local Government LED Light Applications Local government LED light applications can reduce maintenance costs and traffic problems due to dead lights, as well as improve safety and security for many housing, park, and traffic facilities.
Low Income Housing Lighting Low income housing can benefit from LED lighting for improved resident comfort and security as well as savings from reduced electricity costs and maintenance savings.
Lumileds LEDs Lumileds LED Company is a leader in environmentally compliant and market designed LED lighting products in conjunction with their technology and manufacturing network.
Mercury Reduction of LED Lights Mercury Reduction of LED Lights has been documented, and landfill issues are a serious part of a sustainable community. It pays to look at total lifetime impact from raw materials through manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal to evaluate environmental costs.
Motorcycle LED Lights Motorcycle LED auxiliary lights provide design flexibility for high value motorcycles, as well as long lasting safety lighting for motorcycles.
Multi-family LED Home Lighting Multi-family housing applications of LED lights save money on electricity and maintenance, and include exterior pathways, parking garages, landscape lighting, hallway lights, and emergency and exit signs to improve residential safety, beauty and user friendly security.
Municipality LED Lighting Municipality Use of LED Lighting has broad applications from parking garage lights to senior housing security to street lights, and programmable traffic solutions....and more!
OEM LED light design OEM LED modules are practical design elements for equipment and vehicles, as well as a growing field of energy management control devices...and more to come.
OLED Organic LEDs OLED or "Organic LEDs" are organic light-emitting diodes that are solid-state devices that consume less power than most light-enhanced products. OLEDs can provide brighter, crisper displays on electronic devices and use less power than conventional LEDs or LCDs used today.
Online LED Resellers Online LED retailers range from specialty, virtual companies to full service lighting retail and installation companies. There are trade associations that serve these merchants as diverse as eCommerce Merchants, Outdoor Signs and Retail Industry.
Osram-Sylvania - Opto-Semiconductors Osram-Sylvania provides LED lighting solutions through Opto-Semiconductors.
Pollution Reduction of LED Lights Mercury reduction of LED lights is one of the benefits of LED lighting. Manufacturing and raw materials are also an important evaluation component of LED lighting efficacy.
Portable LED Lights Portable LED lights can be used in the field for higher productivity, for safety and security of people, and for moving applications in transportation.
Programmable LED Lighting Programmable LED lighting systems are very adaptable - from nightclubs to security lighting to underwater and refrigeration applications that require sensors and control options.
Recycling Plastics from Lighting Products Recycling plastics from lighting products is a critical waste management initiative for green manufacturing and sustainable workplaces and communities. Lighting fixtures contribute to plastic pollution in water supplies and some manufacturers are taking the responsibility seriously.
Regulations of LED Lighting Products Regulations of LED Lighting Products is tightening as test results clarify key metrics and best practices. Look to the DOE and EPA to lead the way in energy efficiency, and OSHA for safety regulations.
Related technologies Solid state technologies using similar or related technologies to LED lighting.
Retail LED Lights Retail LED lights are available for ceiling lights, refrigeration, decorative and accents, and task lighting that reduces electricity costs, improves programmable displays and reduces maintenance costs.
Retail LED Lights Retail LED lighting can improve visibility, reduce energy costs and reduce heat in HVAC and refrigeration, plus reduce maintenance costs from replacing light bulbs and maintaining consistent lighting quality for customer experience.
ROI Information for LED Lighting Systems ROI Information for LED Lighting Systems reports increasingly short paybacks with immediate reduction in 24/7 lighting applications such as street lights, signage and refrigeration.
Safety Outdoor Lighting with LED Lights Safety lighting with LED lights can be applied in pathways, exit signage, traffic streets and parking facilities, chemical storage, and can be battery powered for off-grid operation.
Senior Housing LED lighting Senior housing can use LED lighting to save energy costs, provide better lighting and reduce maintenance in both multifamily and single family housing remodeling.
Solar LED Lights Solar powered LED lights provide energy efficient solutions for signage, pathway lighting, and other grounds based off-the-grid applications.
Solar LED Street Lights Street signs using LED lights can provide better traffic flow in dangerous areas by providing small traffic indicators at low energy costs with low maintenance.
Solar Path Lights LED pathway lights work very well with sidewalks, brick and stone work to provide architectural accents, safety, and low light for residential and path illumination during early and late lighting conditions.
SSL & LED Careers & Training Engineers, product managers, marketing, sales, technicians - the green careers in LED lighting are growing for people with a technical, electrical knowledge and experience base.
Sustainable Lighting Systems Sustainable systems include energy efficiency - and LED lights can reduce energy use, and improve quality at the same time. Sustainability also includes reducing use and programmable LED lighting systems can reduce usage when not in use.
Take Back Programs for Lighting Take Back Programs for Lighting fixtures and bulbs will become more important as incandescent lighting is converted to newer technologies such as LEDs and OLEDs.
Take Back Programs for Lighting Take Back programs for electronic products help reduce landfill waste and irresponsible dumping of highly toxic materials in third world countries. States enact a small processing fee on new electronic equipment to handle proper recycling at the end of life to reclaim usable materials and properly dispose of pollutants.
TFT-LCD Thin film transistor liquid crystal display TFT-LCD means thin film transistor liquid crystal display and is a flat-panel display that works as either a computer monitor or as a television.
Traffic LED Lighting Systems Traffic LED lighting systems include a wide variety of programmable, portable, emergency signage, traffic signals, parking and event signage.
Vending Machine LED Lights Vending Machine LED lights provide marketing benefits and can be used for safety and security on campuses, as well.
Waterproof Feature of LEDs Waterproof features of LED lights make them a good choice for refrigeration and other water features, landscaping and outdoor lighting.

Cree Shenzhen Engineering Center in China Teaches LED Best Practice Applications

LED supply chains depend on market knowledge and technical knowledge to develop best practices globally. Cree is taking their knowledge to China's LED designers and manufacturers to expand use of Cree LED products for new market applications.

Online Training for Design Engineers from Digi-Key

Online DigiKey Training Modules for Design Engineers

CIE Seminars on Photometry, Colorimetry, & Applications of SSL, Nov 10, Toronto

This series of SSL briefings is provided by CIE, an organization devoted to international cooperation on all matters relating to  the science and art of lighting.

IDentify Cree Xlamp® LEDs for your lighting-system design

Cree Product Characterization Tool (PCT) selecs from multiple lighting-system design parameters to compare up to three LED models simultaneously.

Will LED Lights Become Plastic Waste?

I appreciate many of the benefits of LED lights.  They ARE smaller.  They ARE less toxic.  They DO use less electricity. 

Energy Star Lighting Fixture Benefits

Energy Star lighting fixtures provide energy efficiency, utility savings, and higher quality service. Energy Star LED light fixtures and bulbs offer high value for the cost.

Caltrans History of LED Traffic Light Development

Caltrans became an early enthusiast and supporter of the commercialization of LED lights for transportation applications when it was awarded a State Energy Award for the an LED field test project.

Cree LED Downlights Earn Energy Star Rating for Residential and Commercial

Cree, Inc. has been awarded ENERGY STAR ® qualifications for its LED downlights. The product line, including the LR6, LR5 and LR4 downlights, has demonstrated LED lifetime and fixture efficacy that qualifies for the stringent commercial rating, as well as the residential rating.

Even Fishing Crews and Lakes Can Benefit from LED Environmental Savings

LED lighting technology is brighter than pressure lamps and is free from paraffin spillage that has dogged this lake for many years.

LED Lighting Market Gains Momentum

Shifting to LED lighting is a small but fast-growing trend that is redefining the century-old conception of lighting --- replacing energy-wasting disposable bulbs with efficient fixtures that are often semi-permanent, like those used in plumbing.

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Cree Shenzhen Engineering Center in China Teaches LED Best Practice Applications
Will LED Lights Become Plastic Waste?
Even Fishing Crews and Lakes Can Benefit from LED Environmental Savings
LEDs Can Improve Light Energy Savings by 30%
LED Payback Calculator: LED vs. HID

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