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CIE Seminars on Photometry, Colorimetry, & Applications of SSL, Nov 10, Toronto

This series of SSL briefings is provided by CIE, an organization devoted to international cooperation on all matters relating to  the science and art of lighting.
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The field of lighting is undergoing significant, even disruptive, changes in technology with solid-state lighting
(SSL) entering the market. These new SSL devices require newer, advanced characterization and measurement

CIE/USA Seminars on Photometry, Colorimetry and Application of Solid-State Lighting
TORONTO – November 10, 2010
Registration   www.cie-usnc.org

The CIE/USA, the U.S. National Committee of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), offers a one-day series of seminars on the photometry, colorimetry, and application of solid-state lighting.

CIE is an organization devoted to international cooperation on all matters relating to  the science and art of lighting.

Invited experts will present basic concepts, advanced techniques,  and state of the art research on the characterization and measurement of light and lighting, along with discussions of international lighting recommendations for roadway lighting and issues of vision and health.

Scheduled Seminars

Fundamentals of Photometry and IESNA LM-79
Dr. Cameron Miller, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Topics include photometric units and quantities, history of the Candela, luminous efficacy of radiation, mesopic
photometry (TC 1-58), IESNA LM-79, and National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program accreditation.

Fundamentals of CIE Colorimetry and Color Measurement
Dr. Yoshi Ohno, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Topics include the color matching functions, tri-stimulus values, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color
temperature (CCT), signed distance from the blackbody locus (Duv), uniform object color spaces – CIELUV and
CIELAB, and IESNA LM-79 color measurements.

Color Quality of Light Sources
Dr. Wendy Davis, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Topics include the Color Rendering Index (CRI), different aspects of color rendition, effects of narrowband
spectra, the Color Quality Scale (CQS), and the status of TC 1-69.

Current Applications of Solid State Technology in Roadway and Street Lighting
Dr. Ronald Gibbons, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Topics include application of solid state lighting technologies to road and street environments, discussion of
several test installations including safety and energy standpoints, and the current efforts of the IES and CIE.

Photobiological Effects of Optical Radiation
Dr. Rolf Bergman, Rolf Bergman ConsultingTopics include the blue light hazard, effects of flicker, and CIE S009.

Dark-Sky Concerns About Blue-Rich White Light for Outdoor Lighting
Mr. Terry McGowan, International Dark-Sky Association
LED white-light spectra compared to HID and fluorescent spectra as used in outdoor lighting,
concerning human health issues, environmental issues, visibility, glare, adaptation, and sky glow

Standards Review Process - United States National Committee of the CIE
Mr. Philip Wychorski, Orion Standards LLC
Topics include ISO/CIE standards and the role of the U.S. technical advisory group (TAG).

Standards LLC. This event is scheduled in conjunction with the 2010 IES Annual Conference at the same venue.

Further details including the registration form and how to make reservations at the hotel The Fairmont – Royal York Hotel the site of the meeting are available at www.cie-usnc.org

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green

Publication Date: 11/8/2010
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