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LED Outdoor & Grounds Applications

Outdoor & grounds LED applications vary widely from signage to security and safety lighting applications.
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Decorative Lighting for Street Lights

LED accents can provide safety, architectural interest and decorative lighting with street lights

LED Outdoor Lights

LED outdoor lighting is growing in variety: Signs. Pathways. Architectural accents.  Safety lights. Even moving lights on vehicles!

LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights are use not only for holiday lighting, but as year-round accent lighting, safety lighting, retail accents, and mood lighting.

LED Pavers

LED pavers work very well with brick and stone work to provide architectural accents, safety, and low light traffic management solutions.

Solar Path Lights

LED pathway lights work very well with sidewalks, brick and stone work to provide architectural accents, safety, and low light for residential and path illumination during early and late lighting conditions.

Solar LED Lights

Solar powered LED lights provide energy efficient solutions for signage, pathway lighting, and other grounds based off-the-grid applications.

Exterior LED Lighting

Area lighting with led lights provide lower maintenance costs with high quality light and can be attached to solar PV panels for off the grid energy solutions.

LED Landscape Light

LED lights in gardens and landscapes provide flexible solutions for pathways, security, architectural accents and safety for walking and transportation applications.

LED Outdoor Lights

Outdoor LED lighting provides low maintenance, high quality lighting for security, beauty and safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as well as architectural accents.

Pentair Eco-Select Pool and Spa LED Lights

Petair provides "Eco Select Choice" labeled LED lights for pools and spas with programmed light shows.

LED Lights Used to Demo Wind Turbine Behavior

Wind turbine demo is lit with LED lights for public education and training.

LED Lights for the Traffic Equipment and Management Industry

LED lights provide lower energy costs and lower maintenance -- a real savings for cash-strapped municipal budgets.

Golden Dragon LEDs at the 2008 Beijing, China Olympics

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs Illuminate the Golden "Dragon Fountain" in Olympic Park

LED Christmas Lights

Holiday LED lights are so popular!  They provide point light sources, color and easy installation. And they save energy!

LED Pool & Spa Lighting

Pools and spas use high levels of electricity and lighting can reduce pol and spa operational costs at the same time they improve safety and property value.

Industrial LED Applications

Industrial LED applications can save energy and maintenance costs in refrigeration units, off-grip applications, security and emergency signage, and in traditional applications such as equipment, sensors and controllers and programmable lighting situations.

LED Street Lights

Street Light LEDs improve light quality, save electricity and utility costs and save money by reducing maintenance costs with LEDs' long bulb life.

Municipality LED Lighting

Municipality Use of LED Lighting has broad applications from parking garage lights to senior housing security to street lights, and programmable traffic solutions....and more!

LED Flood Lights

Flood Lights that use LED fixtures and bulbs save electricity as well as heat - which can be a benefit in many commercial applications in which HVAC costs are high.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green

Golden Dragon LEDs at the 2008 Beijing, China Olympics

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