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LED & Lighting Incentives

LED & lighting incentives go hand in hand with DOE and EPA goals to reduce energy consumption, reduce lighting impact on night skies, improve environmental impact of C&D waste, and improve workplace productivity.
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Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

"That is how we will achieve the number one goal of my plan--which is to create three million new jobs, more than eighty percent of them in the private sector." President-elect Obama, January 3, 2009

England phases out incandescent light bulbs in favor of CFL and LEDs (coming soon)

"Incandescent light bulbs waste 95% of the energy they use as heat. Phasing these out and replacing them with efficient alternatives can help reduce emissions and energy bills.

Federal Stimulus Funding Discounts Cost of LED Traffic Lights

Philadelphia's traffic lights are all about to go LED.

LEED Lighting Certification

LEED green building standards include energy efficiency and lighting design -- and LED lights can support LEED rating points.

Energy Star Rebates - DOE and EPA

Energy Star research, standards and outreach programs from the US EPA and DOE help research and support commercialization of LED lighting products and systems.

Street Light Replacement with Solar LED Retrofits by Visible Light Solar

Municipalities, businesses and consumers could save up to 189 terawatt hours of energy by switching from conventional HID lights to solid-state LED fixtures

ARRA Energy Efficiency Funding

ARRA Stimulus funding supplies manufacturing and installation of lighting with incentives to improve energy efficiency, job training as well as manufacturing and green jobs.

LED Lights Used to Demo Wind Turbine Behavior

Wind turbine demo is lit with LED lights for public education and training.

Compliance for Lighting Design

Compliance for lighting design covers energy efficiency, such as building codes (CAL Title 24), green manufacturing, and market safety and security compliance regulations such as CE and RoHS.

Caltrans Lighting Standards

California Transportation Dept. (Caltrans) supported the commercialization stage of LED lighting and continues to use LED lights for highway and street lighting to save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

EPD Certification

EPAct Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction for Energy Efficiency

ISO Certification of LED Lighting Products

ISO certification of LED lighting products meet international standards for safety, environmental features and quality.

WEEE Compliance for LED Lighting in UK with Recolight

WEEE Regulations are UK-specific requirements for electrical and electronic equipment to be recycled when it reaches end-of-life.

Cree Shenzhen Engineering Center in China Teaches LED Best Practice Applications

LED supply chains depend on market knowledge and technical knowledge to develop best practices globally. Cree is taking their knowledge to China's LED designers and manufacturers to expand use of Cree LED products for new market applications.

Online Training for Design Engineers from Digi-Key

Online DigiKey Training Modules for Design Engineers

CIE Seminars on Photometry, Colorimetry, & Applications of SSL, Nov 10, Toronto

This series of SSL briefings is provided by CIE, an organization devoted to international cooperation on all matters relating to  the science and art of lighting.

IDentify Cree Xlamp® LEDs for your lighting-system design

Cree Product Characterization Tool (PCT) selecs from multiple lighting-system design parameters to compare up to three LED models simultaneously.

A Whiter LED Light Technique

White LEDs show promise as a brighter, longer-lasting and more energy-efficient light source than conventional lighting

Color Selection, Creativity in Lighting Innovation

Color selection and creativity in lighting innovation is diverse with programmable LED lighting fixtures and systems.

Cree LED Module LMR4 with EasyWhite technology shortens time to market for new LED-based fixtures

Cree's LMR4 portfolio demonstrates accelerating adoption of LED lighting by simplifying the design process and shortening time-to-market for new LED-based fixtures.

LED Indicators and signs

LEDs are rapidly rippling across the transportation and vehicle applications because of their long life, energy efficiency, standalone solar power capability...and brightness.

Diverse Applications of LEDs, by India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India cites the following applications of LEDs.

LEDWorkplace.com Provides Sample Case Studies for LED ROI

LED lighting vendor information and the light, energy and maintenance metrics that form the basis for LED lighting's cost savings. This site also features other LED Workplace installations.

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Diverse Applications of LEDs, by India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
LEDWorkplace.com Provides Sample Case Studies for LED ROI
LED Lighting Industry Growth Projections
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