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LED Trends Rapidly Improve Lumens, Color, Programmability and Cost

LED trends are rapidly improving Lumens, Color, Programmability and Cost. Applications research is also improving ROI through best practices for reduced maintenance, waste management and energy efficiencies especially in harsh, high-heat or moist environments.
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Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance for LEDs and OLEDs

LEDs have the potential to reach 200 lm/W, compared to the efficacies of incandescent lamps at 15 lm/W and fluorescent tubes at 90 lm/W.

Trends in LED Lighting

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor sources, producing light in a solid state manner.

LED Technology Update - 2006

Technology of LEDs is advancing rapidly.  In 2006 the "White Light" SSL Challenges included Lifetime lumen maintenance and thermal management; luminous efficacy, color quality, cost and test procedures and standards.

Strategies in Light, Market View in 2009

LED business ... Design arena is the opportunity today!

LED Lighting Industry Growth Projections

GE Lumination, Cree and LEDtronics are positioning their companies to develop industry-leading innovation for years to come.

Cree Survey Finds Growth of LED Lighting is Escalating

The LED industry is expected to boom on the adoption, deployment and benefits of LED lighting, according to an independent survey conducted at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair.

LED Lighting Payback Calculator

LED lighting options are growing and developing rapidly. Many applications are now cost effective with LED, despite the higher upfront costs. How affordable?

Agreements / Deals for Lighting Retrofits and Light System Design

Agreements and Deals for Lighting Retrofits and Light System Designs can save energy and maintenance costs for as many as ten years - negotiate for best practices!

LED Lighting Training and Education

Training and education for LED applications is an opportunity for careers in facilities management, retail and design.

LED Lighting Necessitates New Business Model for LIghting Companies

"In the U.S., 78% of the public is completely unaware that traditional light bulbs will be phased out in 2012," reports Charles F. Jerabek, president and CEO of Osram Sylvania, a unit of Siemens.

Cost Comparisons of LED Lights

What's the price a fresh air or stable weather? Cost comparisons of LED lights vs CFLs and other high efficiency lighting systems is a long term investment decision.

Related technologies

Solid state technologies using similar or related technologies to LED lighting.

McKinsey Report of Practical Solutions to Reduce GHG and Climate Change

But as a result of rapid developments in LED light, cost efficiency and cooler technology, LED lighting is now poised to become common on streets and in buildings, as well as in homes and offices.

LED Replacement Lamps - Market Analysis & Forecast 2009

Market conditions are right for the LED replacement lamp market to accelerate in the next few years, according to a new report from Strategies Unlimited.

Five Year Market Advantage Will Be LED Opportunity

Market conditions are right for the LED replacement lamp market to accelerate in the next few years, according to a new market report by Strategies Unlimited, the leading firm covering the LED market.

Energy Reform Forum at the White House

The investor coalition Ceres and the Clean Economy Network organized a clean energy debate forum at the White House in October 2009 including corporate executives from more than 100 companies, representing a wide variety of industries including renewable energy, information technology and athletic apparel.

LED Best Buy

Standards for LED Lighting Products & Best Practices are determined by compliance and industry organizations including the Department of Energy, the EPA, ASHRE and various lighting trade associations.

Regulations of LED Lighting Products

Regulations of LED Lighting Products is tightening as test results clarify key metrics and best practices. Look to the DOE and EPA to lead the way in energy efficiency, and OSHA for safety regulations.

Competition in LED Lighting

Competition in LED lighting industries has become a global competitiveness issue as China enters the US market. Some US manufacturers are manufacturing US designed LED products internationally, and some governments are heavily subsidizing both purchases and manufacturing investments.

Cree Shenzhen Engineering Center in China Teaches LED Best Practice Applications

LED supply chains depend on market knowledge and technical knowledge to develop best practices globally. Cree is taking their knowledge to China's LED designers and manufacturers to expand use of Cree LED products for new market applications.

Caltrans History of LED Traffic Light Development

Caltrans became an early enthusiast and supporter of the commercialization of LED lights for transportation applications when it was awarded a State Energy Award for the an LED field test project.

Color Kinetics Lightshow in Las Vegas

Philips energy conserving projects that also provide impressive color and illumination.

A Whiter LED Light Technique

White LEDs show promise as a brighter, longer-lasting and more energy-efficient light source than conventional lighting

LED Lighting Market Gains Momentum

Shifting to LED lighting is a small but fast-growing trend that is redefining the century-old conception of lighting --- replacing energy-wasting disposable bulbs with efficient fixtures that are often semi-permanent, like those used in plumbing.

Cree LED Module LMR4 with EasyWhite technology shortens time to market for new LED-based fixtures

Cree's LMR4 portfolio demonstrates accelerating adoption of LED lighting by simplifying the design process and shortening time-to-market for new LED-based fixtures.

LED Lights used in Chicago Center for Green Technology

LEED Platinum expansion of the Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT), the Greenbuild Chicago 2007 Legacy Project.

LED Technology is Disruptive Innovation

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are compound semiconductor devices that convert electricity to light.

GE Ecomagination Transitions to CFL and LED Innovation and Production

GE plans to focus more on developing and producing compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) and LED products.

LED Market Applications

LED Market Applications are growing into every field that uses light -- equipment, vehicles, room lighting, signage, outdoor lighting, architectural accents, emergency and security lighting, traffic control... and more.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green

LED Lighting Market Gains Momentum
Trends in LED Lighting
LED Lights used in Chicago Center for Green Technology
Strategies in Light, Market View in 2009

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