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LED Light Sources / Manufacturers

LED sources include lighting retailers, wholesale distributors, LED manufacturers for custom solutions and a growing network of distribution in the LED supply chain.
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Market Projections for LED Lights = $5 Billion in 2012

LED lighting market is forecast to exceed $5 billion in 2012, corresponding to a CAGR of 28% from 2008-2012.

Retail LED Lights

Retail LED lights are available for ceiling lights, refrigeration, decorative and accents, and task lighting that reduces electricity costs, improves programmable displays and reduces maintenance costs.

LED Installation

Installation of LED lights include fixture replacement, bulb replacement, and complete system retrofits or installation of lighting systems that tie into whole building controls.

LED Research

Research and Development (R&D Research) of LEDs stretches from basic research in university labs to commercialization research in government labs and corporations.

LED Reseller

LED Sales Reps for Manufacturers

LED Lighting Manufacturers

Manufacturing of LED products is both a US based electronics and lighting manufacturing sector and an outsourced production sector in China and other high production countries. Quality and warranties vary by manufacturing standards adopted in various regions.

LED Media

Trade media for LED lighting represents manufacturing, distribution and retail market niches from around the globe.

LED Lighting Suppliers

Industrial distributors make LED lighting products and parts are often specialized industrial marketplace sources, and LED lights are one small part of their inventory.

LED Fabrication Process Manufacturers

Design and fabrication of LED light products and systems includes solid state technology, lighting standards, as well as green manufacturing techniques to bring environmentally friendly products to the LED lighting market.

Online LED Resellers

Online LED retailers range from specialty, virtual companies to full service lighting retail and installation companies. There are trade associations that serve these merchants as diverse as eCommerce Merchants, Outdoor Signs and Retail Industry.

LED Sales Reps for Manufacturers

Cree Shenzhen Engineering Center in China Teaches LED Best Practice Applications

LED supply chains depend on market knowledge and technical knowledge to develop best practices globally. Cree is taking their knowledge to China's LED designers and manufacturers to expand use of Cree LED products for new market applications.

How LEDs work -- A Technology Overview

LED Technology - If you can get past the funky intro, the visiting scientist, Kiki gives a great overview of how LED lights work.

Trends in LED Lighting

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor sources, producing light in a solid state manner.

Gallium Pendant Mounted LED Lighting System For Green Buildings

Gallium Lighting Announces High Performance Linear Pendant Mounted LED Lighting System For Green Buildings. Energy efficient LED lighting fixtures for quality lighting.

LEDtronics Leaders meet with Dr. Judy Chu, US Congresswoman

Pervaiz Lodhie, LEDtronics CEO and President briefs Rep. Chou on LED energy efficiency and green jobs

LED Technology is Disruptive Innovation

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are compound semiconductor devices that convert electricity to light.

LED Technology Update - 2006

Technology of LEDs is advancing rapidly.  In 2006 the "White Light" SSL Challenges included Lifetime lumen maintenance and thermal management; luminous efficacy, color quality, cost and test procedures and standards.

Energy Star and LED Lighting Standards

Energy Star guidelines and rating systems for electrical products focus on energy efficiency and usage standards.

Lumileds Lighting Brought Luxeon Technology to Market

Lumileds was formed as a 50/50 joint venture between Agilent Technologies (formerly part of Hewlett Packard) and Philips Lighting. Hewlet Packard's LED developments had advanced to a point at which LED technology could be thought about in lighting terms, and discussions began with Philips Lighting. Agilent provided the technology, people, and facility, selling 50% of its division to Philips, which in turn provided the funding and packaging infrastructure. Lumileds and Agilents combined LED sales revenue is currently $175 million.

LED Companies

LED Companies in the lighting supply chain include researchers, designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

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Trends in LED Lighting
LEDtronics Leaders meet with Dr. Judy Chu, US Congresswoman
Lumileds Lighting Brought Luxeon Technology to Market

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