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Welcome...please explore our consumer and trade information that supports effective lighting solutions for American homes, businesses and our communities' well-being. Solutions For LED Lights provides information on energy efficient lighting for building owners and managers, plant engineers, health-care facility administrators, retail executives, office managers, school-board members, college and university personnel, law enforcement officials, and the general public.


California LED lighting company, Elemental LED, announces new LED replacement bulbs for incandescent light fixtures. [Continue...]

LED supply chains depend on market knowledge and technical knowledge to develop best practices globally. Cree is taking their knowledge to China's LED designers and manufacturers to expand use of Cree LED products for new market applications. [Continue...]

Online DigiKey Training Modules for Design Engineers [Continue...]

This series of SSL briefings is provided by CIE, an organization devoted to international cooperation on all matters relating to  the science and art of lighting. [Continue...]

WEEE Regulations are UK-specific requirements for electrical and electronic equipment to be recycled when it reaches end-of-life. [Continue...]

Refrigerators and freezers are the low hanging fruit for energy savings with LED lights -- not room light! [Continue...]

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Will LED Lights Become Plastic Waste?

I appreciate many of the benefits of LED lights.  They ARE smaller.  They ARE less toxic.  They DO use less electricity. 

Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance for LEDs and OLEDs

LEDs have the potential to reach 200 lm/W, compared to the efficacies of incandescent lamps at 15 lm/W and fluorescent tubes at 90 lm/W.

Cree LED Downlights Earn Energy Star Rating for Residential and Commercial

Cree, Inc. has been awarded ENERGY STAR ® qualifications for its LED downlights. The product line, including the LR6, LR5 and LR4 downlights, has demonstrated LED lifetime and fixture efficacy that qualifies for the stringent commercial rating, as well as the residential rating.

Even Fishing Crews and Lakes Can Benefit from LED Environmental Savings

LED lighting technology is brighter than pressure lamps and is free from paraffin spillage that has dogged this lake for many years.

LED Lighting Market Gains Momentum

Shifting to LED lighting is a small but fast-growing trend that is redefining the century-old conception of lighting --- replacing energy-wasting disposable bulbs with efficient fixtures that are often semi-permanent, like those used in plumbing.

LED Payback Calculator: LED vs. HID

Adjust the Payback Calculator cells to get a quick estimate on how Kramer Lighting's "THE EDGE" LED lighting products can reduce your energy and maintenance cost.

LEDs Can Improve Light Energy Savings by 30%

LED technology has the potential to lower light energy saings by 30 percent.

Trends in LED Lighting

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor sources, producing light in a solid state manner.

LED-based LightDisc™module by OptoElectronix for ceiiing fans, drum lights, cylinder lighting and bollard lights.

LED-based LightDisc™module that enables luminaire manufacturers to accelerate adoption of low-power solid-state lighting (SSL) for commercial and consumer light fixtures.

LED Lighting for Aquarium Sunshine

Aquarium hobbies are growing ... both in the number of enthusiasts and hobbyists -- and in retail shops that maintain many, many aquariums. 

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Will LED Lights Become Plastic Waste?
Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance for LEDs and OLEDs
Even Fishing Crews and Lakes Can Benefit from LED Environmental Savings
LEDs Can Improve Light Energy Savings by 30%
LED Payback Calculator: LED vs. HID

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